How To Get A Job In Tech

How To Get A Job In Tech? Well, I currently have a job in the IT industry but not in these big and amazing  companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook. Honestly, I’ve been dreaming of getting a job at Google. Haha! I choose Google because I love their products such as GMail, Google Docs, Android, Search Engine and many others even though there are some ads, for me it’s just fine and natural. It enable me to enjoy great technologies free. 🙂

But anyway, I’m happy with my current job, developing Google Android applications and utilizing lots of their web development tools such as of Google Code, Analytics, and Webmaster tools.

I wondered how to get at job in these awesome companies. So I thank this info-graphic for giving me some idea. Haha! Let’s see:


Simple Tips to Save Your Computer from Hacking

Before understanding how save your computer from hacking, we first understand what is computer hacking?

Computer hacking is a trick to move programmer goal to another way with the help of changing program that original create by the creator. A person who engages into these activities is called a Hacker, who is of curse an expert programmer who regards hacking as an art and as a way to apply their skills in real life situations. But other hackers have far more dangerous objectives than just to demonstrate their skills, like stealing personal information, gaining unauthorized access, access data etc.

Hacking has been a serious and crucial problem. Hacking has gained too much development after the introduction of the internet because of the ease of access to systems around the world which this technology provides. With the increasing use of the internet, hacking has also become a more serious issue in recent days. Hackers are usually young individuals in the field of programming. Also the simple access to any type of information has helped expand expertise in the field of hacking. Now it does not require an expert programmer to hack a computer of private network.

Hackers have become so masters that even giant software associates like Microsoft and google are not safe from this misery, causing losses of millions of dollars every year. The targets are not limited to the private users are also greatly affected by this threat

How to protect yourself against Hacking

Hacking is a critical issue but the process of to protect yourself from hacking is quite simple. Simple care can mean the difference between a full proof secure system and a vulnerable network.


Hackers are always searching for loose and unsecure ends in your security. So it’s important to pay attention to all little things in order to have a full proof security for your data and computer. Virus and Spyware are good Hacker’s tools. Weakening your security and secretly sending your private information in wrong hands. The best way to beat them is to use antivirus, anti spyware software and internet security. It is also important to use updated versions of security software and OS as they lose effectiveness with time. Another good strategy is to use a Firewall to stop unauthorized access to your system. And it is also important to be careful when surfing the internet and using emails. These simple tricks can mean the difference. And remember, Care is Better Than Cure.

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Can Your Site Be Number 1 Amongst Thousands?

It seems as though there is no end to the amount of “promising” that SEO firms will make for clients. You have heard this one before, “I will make your site on first the results page with my SEO tactics.” This kind of statement makes businesses and entrepreneurs flock to these supposed SEO gurus in hopes that they will help get them to the top of the ranking page.

Think for just one moment, if you are a realtor, doctor, writer, builder, Engineering etc… you are not the only person in the world that does this profession. You are not the only person in the world that offers that service. Therefore you are not the only one out there that is going to have a website that wants to be number one. So how can 1 thousands realtors (or other business) become number 1?

Naturally client’s service plays a huge part in being number one in any industry. What you do for your customers speaks volumes. Your small business SEO will also come up as loudly if you do it the right way. Here you are going to learn how outstanding customer service and SEO work together to help get your website and your business to number one in the search engines and in the minds of your target audience.

First, knowing your customers meaning that you pay attention to:

· What your customers like/dislike

· The need they have that is not being met by your service/product or similar ones

· What are they looking for?

· How they feel about your company

· The experience with your employees

And so on will help you zero in on what keywords you need to use to attract them to your website. You will place these keywords in the content on your site and in the meta tags, descriptions and titles.

Picking the perfect keywords. Obviously you are not the only one in your niche offering your product or service You are going to take a look at the information you have about your customers and specialize your business. You are going to use niche keywords that speak to your customers that will help boost your rankings. For example if you are a realtor, yes you will use words like “real estate” “realtor” “houses” and all those, but more importantly what characteristics about you as a realtor are most attractive to your target clients? Use those keywords and see your site rankings go up.

Infilon Technology is an SEO consultant providing a wide range of SEO services from fixed price SEO packages through to high level SEO consultant services. It also provide services like web design, software developing, web hosting etc…